Famous Celebrity Horsemanning Horsemaning Pictures

Famous Celebrity Horsemanning / Horsemaning Pictures

Ever since the first horsemanning picture started to trend on sites like MTV and Randomlyheard and on social media platforms such as facebook and twitter, celebrities have taken notice. Capitalizing on their unique ability to grab the attention of the public eye, with horsemanning celebrities are given a chance to show off their creativity to the public. Because horsemanning is appropriate in all places – public, private, ordinary and extraordinary – we are given an opportunity to see famous people act create their own headless horseman just like the rest of us. But the best thing about horsemanning is that it is a social activity that requires cooperation between two people who are physically together to pull it off. What does that mean for us? We get to see who famous people hang out with! We are personally hoping for Kate Middleton’s body holding up Shaquille O’Neal’s head.

Kathy Lee Gifford Horsemanning


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